Ka Makana Ali’i Review: Is It Worth Visiting?

Going to malls is one of our favorite and most convenient bonding activities whether you’re with friends or family.

If you’re in Hawai’i, you may want to visit the Ka Makana Ali’i mall. It is a popular choice among many as it offers visitors a family-friendly and mixed-use place in the center of a fast-growing community.

Want to know more about this popular mall in Hawai’i? Go on and read this Ka Makana Ali’i review that can feed your mind with much information about this mall.

Features of Ka Makana Ali’i 

First off, it is a 1.4 million-square-foot mall that features more than 100 restaurants, stores, theaters, and the state’s first ever Hampton Inn and Suites. With these features, we can say that Ka Makana Ali’i is a great place to dine, shop, play, and stay if you happen to be in West O’ahu.

Among its featured stores are H&M, Bath & Body Works, Forever 21 Red, Macy’s, Kay Jewelers, Old Navy, Reyn Spooner, SoHa Living, Rix Island Wear, Victoria’s Secret, and Ho`āla Salon & Spa. And among its featured restaurants are Jollibee, Applebee’s, Moena Café, California Pizza Kitchen, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, and Kickin Kajun.

There are above 80,000 new homes projected to be built in West O’ahu by 2025, and this mall claims to have the ability to cater the shopping and dining needs of people. It has a very convenient location that provides enough space for parking, public transportation, and great access to the highway.

Meanwhile, Ka Makana Ali’i aims to provide financial support programs for the Native Hawaiian interests. This will be possible through its partnership with Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and DeBartolo Development. Such partnership makes Ka Makana Ali’i the first regional shopping center of DeBartolo Development in Hawai’i.

Customer Comments

So, what do customers say about Ka Makana Ali’i?


  • Plentiful parking

Because the mall is in the Kapolei Parkway and Kualakai Parking’s intersection across the Kapolei fire station, it provides a huge parking space. This is obviously beneficial to numerous shoppers and diners.

  • Several stores

As mentioned above, Ka Makana Ali’i features several stores. Apparently, it provides plenty of options to customers, giving them a great shopping experience.

  • Nice theater

Some customers are happy about the Olino theater, especially its reclining seats. Needless to say, it provides a lot of convenience to theater goers.

  • 24-hour fitness

Having a fitness center available 24 hours is undeniably beneficial to numerous people looking for a place where they can hit their fitness goals. You can find it in the property near Hampton Inn.


  • Minimal shade

There are reports that people don’t want to shop here during summer, particular in the west side. This is because it gets hot due to lack of shade. Some customers wish to have more awnings.

  • Less exciting stores

While there are plenty of beautiful stores in this mall, some find them less exciting. Likewise, its layout doesn’t appeal to some people.

As a whole, we can say that Ka Makana Ali’i is a great place for dining, shopping, and entertainment. We highly recommend it.

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