Moku Kitchen Restaurant Review: What’s in It for You?

These days, there are numerous restaurants to satisfy vacationers on the island. Owners make some adjustments with the ingredients so as to please those who might be craving for a particular taste. But in the midst of these restaurants are a few ones that aim to satisfy locals. Among them is Moku Kitchen located in Salt complex in Kaka’ako. Owned by Chef Peter Merriman, this restaurant uses local ingredients that appeal to locals here. It closely resembles his Monkeypod Kitchen out in the Kapolei area of Oahu.

Below is our Moku Kitchen Restaurant review that could answer the possible questions you may have.

Basic Facts about Moku Kitchen Restaurant

Established by award-winning chef Peter Merriman and partner Bill Terry, this restaurant showed a lot of promise even from the start. It is a combination of Merriman’s commitment to using local ingredients and his understanding that its location will indeed appeal more to locals.

As of this writing, Moku Kitchen has the largest restaurant space in Salt. It is 7,000 square feet and has around 290 seats and a bar made from mango wood. The bar is 46-feet long and can contain 36 beers and 12 biodynamic and sustainable wines.

The restaurant offers noodles, roadside-style burgers, kiawe-wood-fired pizzas, tacos, and roasted dishes. Also available are Jidori chicken wings and pumpkin-patch ravioli. Among the best options to end meals are the chocolate-macadamia-nut pie and classic strawberry cream pie.

“Upcountry Downtown” is the theme played by the restaurant. Basically, it means using locally sourced ingredients to an urban area. The ingredients used are local goat cheese, Maui onions, greens from Waipoli Farms, Hawai‘i Island Hāmākua mushrooms, and Hau‘ula tomatoes.

Customer Comments

Here are some positive and critical reactions from customers of Moku:


  • Good happy hour experience

According to satisfied customers, the happy hour experience at Moku is great particularly the food part. The restaurant serves unique flatbread pizzas and truffle fries. Also, it has indoor seating and outdoors. On particular days, people enjoy live music.

  • Fresh food

What customers love about Moku is that everything is fresh, from the main course to a salad. Needless to say, this is an indication of good quality in food.

  • Good drinks

The drinks have great taste and are refreshing. Among the customers’ favorites are Slowpoke Rodriguez and mojito.

  • Good parking

One good thing about dining in Moku is that Salt has its own parking structure. It is free for the first hour and discounted with validation.

  • Great customer service

Many people go to Moku from time to time. What some customers find amazing is how its employees handle a busy day; not to mention the instances when there are some rude customers.

The Moku Kitchen certainly deserves our recommendation. And while it appeals more to locals, vacationers can enjoy a wonderful dining experience in this restaurant too, mainly because they can get to taste authentic dishes. Check it out when you’re here.

Written By Xabi – Oahu Tourist Destinations

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