8 Unique Things To Do In Oahu

This list is brought to you by Oahu Handyman Company as they often tend to need a break from the stress.

If you’re in Oahu, you’ll be tempted to just lounge on the beach and do nothing all day. That’s your prerogative, of course, but c’mon! You’re in Oahu! You can find several unique things to do in Oahu that you won’t be able to do anywhere else. So take full advantage of it, and try the following:

  1. Visit the Ka‘ena Point Natural Area Reserve. You’ll go through the Kaena Point trail with 2 route options. The Mokuleia route lets you travel along sand dunes and a raised limestone reef. The Waianae has high mountain cliffs, tide pools, and beaches along the way. They both end in the nature reserve where you’ll find whales, Hawaiian monk seals, beautiful plants, and albatross seabirds that look like ancient dinosaurs. 
  2. Check out the Honolulu Fish Auction. This is the only tuna auction held in the US. There’s also a short educational tour explaining in detail how the fish come from the ocean and into your dinner plate. 
  3. Ride an ATV through Lost and Jurassic Park territory. You can have an ATV tour through Kaaawa Valley. If the lush location seems familiar to you, that’s because the TV show Lost and the Jurassic Park movies were shot here. 
  4. Don’t forget the Polynesian Cultural Center. It’s unlikely that you will, since it’s regarded by most as the #1 tourist attraction in the whole state. A single day may not be enough for you to see everything in the 42-acre center. Here you can take canoe tours on the lagoon, and shop at a Polynesian marketplace with all manners of local items. You also get live shows featuring Samoan fire knife dancing! 
  5. Make a pilgrimage to the Punchbowl Crater. About 5 million visitors come here each year, so you’ll hardly be alone. The Punchbowl Crater is inside the Punchbowl National Memorial. So here you have a 360-foot extinct volcano offering a unique commemorative setting for American fallen heroes. 
  6. Brave the Makapu‘u tide pools. If you have the stones for it, you can try to cool down from the heat in this rocky inlet. You just need to be careful, as even during seemingly calm days you can get an unexpected strong wave. With the sharp lava rocks under your shoes, you can’t be careless here. 
  7. Climb Pele’s Chair. This is the famed rock formation on the South Shore, and you can try to climb if you’re experienced enough. But even newbies can enjoy the fresh air here, and it’s somewhat eerie. According to the stories, this is where the Goddess of Fire left Oahu for Hawaii Island. 
  8. Join in the Summer Obon Festival. This local community event is fun and colorful, and you don’t have to be a Buddhist to appreciate its charms. After all, here you can also enjoy delicacies like teri beef, stir-fry noodles, and deep-fried donuts. 

So don’t just stay in your room, and try to leave the beach once in a while. Do something that you can only do in Oahu—once you leave, the chance to do those things are gone!